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Lorraine Elementary School

Rockdale County

ScootPad helps personalize & accelerate student learning in Math, ELA, Spelling, Reading and Writing (Common Core Standards). ONE hour of ScootPad each week will accelerate learning by 1.57 times or more! Let's Go!

Our Impact

Concepts Mastered123,121
Time Saved (Hours)23,333 hrs
Budget Saved $12,121
Trees Saved233

Students: Start by selecting your teacher below:

Mrs. Beth Zahand

Mrs. Melinda Stanford

Misty Alford

Mrs. Jan Mackinem


Terry Ivey

Mrs. Sophia Bradley

Nancy Turner

Mrs. Val Koenig

Sherry Duncan

Becky Anderson

Mrs. Sparks

Dineen Shubert

Sandy Stewart

Amber Vess

M. McKay

linda calloway

lynne moss

Mrs. Peggy


Mrs. Traci Tompkins

Lisa Dyer

Mrs. White

allison dunlop

Dr. Judy Bolen


brandy webb

Mrs. Fuller

Mrs. Courtney Harper

Mrs. Denise Baker

Mrs. Michele Lindley

Tammy Turner




Nikki Chambley

Karrah Howell

Romonda Jefferson

Daniel Eason